The month of June has been full of perfect weather for opening up your home and enjoying the warm, but not too hot, weather. The sun is shining, the world is green, and you’re making the most of the fresh air from the comfort of your home through your Phantom Retractable Screens.
As the summer months roll one and you use your Phantom Screens regularly, here are a few maintenance tips to keep them working smoothly.

Tip #1: Cleaning the track at the bottom and top of your Phantom Screen is highly recommended to keep it in excellent condition, enabling you to open and close your door with ease. When dirt and dust particles accumulate in the tracks it can cause the mesh to catch and not extend or retract smoothly. Simply spray the tracks with dry silicone lubricant spray once or twice a month. This removes the dirt and dust particles that get caught in the track, keeping your door from sticking when you slide it open and retract it into its housing.

Tip #2: If you enjoy the comfort and versatility of a double door pull and latch your screens into place one at a time. This will help your screens to fully latch in place and protect them from retracting back into their housing unnecessarily.

Tip #3: As you enjoy the beautiful summer and the high quality of your Phantom Door, spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors! We’d love to provide them  with the same quality service and product you enjoy.