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Midwest Screens Pricing

Please contact us for pricing on large openings  and motorized products.

The following is the pricing for Phantom Retractable Screen Doors. All prices INCLUDE INSTALLATION and are sold as installed only.

 Retractable Door Screens
Phantom Legacy Standard Single Door 479.00
Phantom Legacy Custom Single Door 519.00
Phantom Legacy Standard Double Door 948.00
Phantom Legacy Custom Double Door 1028.00
STANDARD: Up to 42″ wide opening and up to 84″ height
CUSTOM:  Up to 48″ wide opening and up to 96″ height
Up to 36″ wide opening and 96 1/8″-120″ height
 Additional Charges Added Per Door
Colored Sill Adapters Single Doors
Black 25.00
Bronze 25.00
Gold 25.00
Almond 40.00
Colored Sill Adapters Double Doors
Black 50.00
Bronze 50.00
Gold 50.00
Almond 80.00
 Trade in your old Phantom Screen with magnet catches for the Legacy model with Latch and Release Handle:
Single Door Discount  – Use Promo Code TRADESINGLE  $-100.00
Double Door Discount – Use Promo Code TRADEDOUBLE $-200.00
 Rescreen your existing Phantom Screen:
Single Door Discount  $179.00
Double Door Discount $279.00
All prices subject to change.