I have heard much lately about adding curb appeal to your home.  It can be done numerous ways utilizing various methods that achieve various results.  I am always amazed however at the effort that homeowners will make to bring curb appeal back to a home because of mistakes in design.  You have all seen it—wrong porch designs, bad exterior paint color choices and coordination, even shingles that do not match the homes exterior!

This happens every day when beautiful, expensive entry doors are covered with cheap aluminum storm doors.  Do the storm doors serve a purpose?  To some degree, yes.  But with today’s high quality insulated entry doors are they really the best solution?  No.  Why cover the focal point of your home entry with a piece of aluminum sheeting?  The trade off is losing that precious curb appeal that you will always fight to gain back.

That is why Phantom Screens provide the ultimate solution in adding curb appeal to your home.  You are not making a design mistake that you are always trying to fix with other methods.  Check out the photos from a recent installation and see for yourself.