We love a challenge.  That is why we like to highlight these particular projects. This week we finished an installation at the new and soon to open Milwalky Taco restaurant in Libertyville.   The owners wanted an open air feel so they specified large garage doors in place of storefront glass for both the front and back of the restaurant.  The plan, however, did not go off without a hitch.  The city’s health inspector wanted the large opening screened.  And not just any type of screen…he wanted the screen to be automated so that when the garage door was opened the screen would be down.   That is where our company, Midwest Screens, LLC, provided the solution.  

We sourced automation components that automatically lower the screen when the door is opened and automatically retracts the screen when the door is closed.  Solutions based means thinking outside the box to provide our customers with the best quality products and installation experience possible.  Milwalky Taco is scheduled to be open soon so stop in and check it out.