When we received a call from a potential client that needed a screen solution for their motor coach this last Spring it didn’t seem that out of the ordinary. Our retractable screen products are versatile and with over 10 years in the industry we have provided retractable solutions for just about every application.  Once in a while though, something comes around that is special.  Something that makes you want to excel and go the extra mile for.  That was this situation.

The couple that we met with has a very nice and large customized motor coach (click on the above photo to scroll) that they use to travel throughout the summer but the wife is unfortunately confined to a wheelchair due to a battle with MS. They had the coach customized with a wheel chair ramp to provide mobility, however, she was not able to go in and out on her own as she needed to have the side door of the coach open in order to operate the lift which can only be opened from the outside and you must be standing to open it. Once she was out she couldn’t raise the lift and close the door of the coach on her own so she was limited to going out only when someone was there to raise the lift and close the door.

Solution: Midwest Screens installed a 4” Phantom Executive Motorized Screen over the coach wheelchair ramp opening on the inside. She was then able to have the door open and enjoy the outside while she is inside and if she wants to go out she can raise the screen with the on-board remote on her wheelchair, ride the ramp down and leave the coach door open but close the screen via remote–letting the fresh air in and the insects out.

We feel like we were not only able to provide a retractable screen solution but also mobility and freedom.  That is something that is priceless.

Phantom Manufacturing Intl. Ltd. agreed and we were presented with “My Favorite Install” at their annual distributor awards ceremony. We were very grateful to be a part of helping our customers and are committed to that principal as one of our core values as a company.