Lake Home and Cabin life in the upper Midwest is a cultural norm. There are few things people will not do to make that oasis retreat spot more and more inviting and comfortable. Phantom Screens are the perfect addition to your Lake Home or Cabin to enhance your quality of life and to enjoy this place you call home away from home. Outdoor living is synonymous with this lifestyle and this is where Phantom Screens are designed to be the most functional screen solution. They are there when you need them when you are spending time there. They retract into their protective housings when you are not there to protect your investment and maintain the aesthetic value of your home. They are THE perfect solution for the place that you get away to to get away!

Please come see us exhibited at this years “Lake Home and Cabin Show” in March in Schaumburg, IL. You can meet with our professional staff to discuss your application or better yet call us now so we can get the work done before next season.

Lake Home and Cabin Show 2011