I went on a sales call yesterday to Wynstone Golf Club http://www.wynstone.org/, a prestigious golf community in North Barrington, Illinois.  When I had originally received the email from the potential customer I thought the name sounded familiar but didn’t think much of it as I meet thousands of people a year that purchase Phantom Screens.  As I arrived and began to talk with the potential customer I also thought that he looked familiar but couldn’t quite place it.  When I asked how he heard of us he said, “I just moved up here from Dallas and I had Phantom Screens and I loved them!”  That was it, he was a previous customer of mine!  I told him that I knew him as I had just moved up to the Chicago area to start Midwest Screens late last summer after I had been the General Manager of Next Century Screens, the Phantom Screens distributorship in Dallas.  He then recognized me and went into his office where he retrieved the color samples that I left him 2 years ago along with a copy of his paid invoice from his Dallas home with my signature on it!  I love stories like this as I used to stress to our sales people that in my reports I was finding that 65% or more of our customers were coming from referrals.  Our customers have such a positive experience with our company and product that they become customers for life.  In this case we literally had a customer follow us 1500 miles to purchase our wonderful Phantom Screens.  See them today at www.phantomscreens.com