Phantom retractable door screens now equipped with optional speed reducers
for optimal functionality & ease of use.
ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia (January 12, 2011) – Phantom Screens® announced today the
launch of the retractable screen industry’s first single direction speed reducer for its retractable Phantom Door Screens. The new fluid filled one-way speed reducer allows the door screens to retract with the same smooth controlled motion as other two-way speed control devices currently available in the market. The benefit of Phantom`s one way speed reducer is that it pulls into place with little or no resistance for easier operation. The retraction speed of the new speed reduction device is equally controlled as compared to a two-way system.

According to Brent Foster, Phantom Screens Product Technical Manager, “The speed reducer isn’t for every customer. Some suppliers have treated speed reduction as a solution for every screen, which can create challenges in certain applications. Our Authorized Distributors are asked to walk each customer through the considerations associated with speed control before installing it as part of the retractable screen system.”

Foster indicates that the speed reducer can make the door screen more sensitive to structural conditions. He also recommends that clients clean and lubricate their tracks with a dry silicone spray once a week to ensure the retraction speed remains consistent. Foster states: “Our consultative approach in offering the speed reducer is consistent with our commitment to providing a customizable retractable screen solution that fits the individual needs and expectations of each customer.”

The new one-way roll control solution will be offered in all Signature Colors and as an add-on to the already installed Phantom Door Screens.